Maturity: The Solution To World Strife

Not all the green and yellow meadows, sparkling streams, and blooming, fragrant pastures of this Earth will end the folly and stupidity of mankind. Neither will all the mind-boggling supercomputers, glorious international space stations, and prodigious feats of genetic engineering ever put an end to his irrationality. For under the guise of religion or patriotism, he will squander all his god-given natural resources and apply all his scientific expertise to obliterate his neighbor even if it invites self-destruction or irremediable long term harm to himself, his family or country.

Why this madness? Why the psychosis? Deep down in the hearts of many people, there exists a persisting malignant prejudice towards those who appear different from them. A geneticist will sermonize and wax eloquent on the genetic equality of all people, but he may twinge when he has to shake the hand of a person of another race! A human develops prejudiced learning towards almost every object they come into contact with – parents, relatives, siblings, friends, etc. Indeed, even scientists are found not to be above such prejudices! Quantum Theory – the Crown Jewel of all physics – has five different and contradictory interpretations – each espoused by scientists of the highest credentials! This is because most of our scientific beliefs are subjective and founded in some form of bias.

Maturity is about growing above these biases. Maturity has nothing to do with the number of degrees or dollars one has amassed. Maturity is about seeing everything with an equal eye: with a deeply perceptive intellect and with steadfast emotions. The mind must no rule over heart and emotions must rule over thought. Both must be balanced and the observing soul must remain the sovereign ruler above them. Neither heart nor thought should be discarded. They are a necessity, a requirement to guide our everyday lives and our actions in times of emergency. A person without a heart could not serve a dying person in an earthquake and a person without thought might end up hurting the very person he is trying to help. Forcefully extricating a person tightly buried beneath heavy debris, for instance, could snap nerve passages in his or her spine, causing permanent paralysis. In such a case, careful lifting of the fallen weight before rescuing the person beneath would be more prudent.


Les Brown (Motivational Speaker) said he was fascinated by the idea that you can give someone a sugar pill, a saline injection, or perform some false surgery or treatment and a certain percentage of those people will accept, believe and surrender to the thought that they are getting actual the substance or treatment and they begin to program their autonomic nervous system to make the exact pharmacy of chemicals equal to the substance that they think they are taking. People suffering from postpartum depression, antidepressants, seasonal affective disorder, seasonal depression, postpartum depression symptoms were also included. So then it begs the question, is it the inert placebo that’s doing the healing, or is it the body’s innate capacity to heal by thought alone? Because that pill is the symbol of possibility. And then all of a sudden a certain percentage of those people will get enthusiastic, filled with god, inspired, and optimistic. They start changing their emotional state. They are combining a clear intention with an elevated emotion and they are changing their state of being. Instead of focusing on a known focus on an unknown! and revisit that unknown every single day until it becomes known.  And all of a sudden you will see people’s depression go away, their anxiety goes away and they are not using the placebo any longer, they are healing by changing their internal state.  A person does not need the exogenous or external substance, they can move into the estate of being without it. 

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