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The game that needs no introduction, one of the most popular geek mythological game amongst the generation “God Of War”. This game created a huge impact on its first realize in the year 2005 on the PS2 platform. Best God of War Game created a character named “Kratos” so iconic that people believed, War God really existed!
Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
The huge success behind the God Of War series was its story of classic revenge. In this game, people saw new enemies and monsters they have never heard of. Bloodshed, fatality, and vengeance made the best God Of War Game and won numerous awards.

War God: Kratos

Storyline- The best God of War Game!

Greek Mythology

Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
The protagonist of the story Kratos was a fearless warrior who was a highly ranked caption in the spartan army. He had a very promising career ahead of him unless his army faced the threat by the barbarian army. Battle continued for several hours and the army of Kratos was unable to defeat the huge barbarian army.
Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
Kratos could not see himself loosing so he sacrificed everything including his own soul to The God Of War “Aries”. Kratos begged to save him from all his enemies as he desperately wanted to win without considering his freedom.
Aries did fulfill his wish and saved him from the barbarians but now Kratos was not more than a slave in his hands.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Kratos was given weapons forged in the depths of Hades, “The Blades Of Chaos” which were seed into his skin. The Blades were a reminder of the oath he had taken to serve Aries. He served him for many years where he would do terrible things in the name of God Of War. All Kratos loved to seek was a victory, he entered a temple where he killed all people.
When Kratos eventually looked down to his final two victims, which were his wife and child. It was that moment where he knew he could no longer serve Aries. He would have to kill the God Of War who saved his life.

Kratos as Sinner!

The oracle bound the ashes of wife and child to the skin of Kratos so he could never forget the terrible deed he had committed. It was that night when “The Ghost Of Sparta” was born.
Haunted by his past, Kratos continued his journey and served the gods for the next 10 years. Until he was tired of the nightmares of the people whom he had brutally killed. Next Athena promised to absorb his sins and help Kratos get rid of the nightmares if he kills her brother Aries who was destroying Athens.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing!

Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
The only way to kill a god was by opening Pandora’s box and harnessing its power. When Kratos opened Pandora’s box, the power of the gods was unleashed and Kratos could do no one have ever done before! He was the first mortal to defeat a god.
Kratos was crowned as the new God Of War, and with his godly powers, he began sacking cities which in turn became the concern to the gods. To stop Kratos Athena would resurrect the Colossus of Rhodes, at this point, Zeus intervened by offering Kratos “Blades of Olympus”. If Kratos infused the Blades with his godly powers he would be able to defeat Colossus of Rhodes.
But what Kratos was unaware of, when he would defeat the Colossus, Blade would drain all of his power and will make him weak and defenseless. Zeus will now reveal himself and kill Kratos sending him back to the underworld.
But Kratos would not spend much time in the underworld. This time he is saved by goddess Gaia, then they both plan to use “Loom of Fate” to go back into time and defeat Zeus. Kratos would once again return but this time with a plan to kill Zeus and any god that stood in his way.

Wandering why Zeus would Kill War God: Kratos?

Zeus had learned over a prophecy that stated he would be killed by a marked mortal. So he previously sent Athena and Aries to find that mortal. Aries would come across a boy with a set of very distinctive markings, but this boy was not Kratos. He was his younger brother “Demos”.
When Kratos tried to save his brother from the god, he was easily set aside. His failure to save his brother forced him to join the Spartan army and in honor of Demos, he had a full-body tattoo mimicking his birth markings.
Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda

Kratos Revenge

With Kratos’ brother dead, Zeus naturally assumed the prophecy now refers to Kratos thus he took any opportunity to kill him.

War God Journey Continues: The Best God Of War Game

Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
Kratos continued to the land of creation and after defeating countless enemies. He would use the Loom of Fate to return to the exact moment he was killed by Zeus. The moment he was going to kill Zeus by Blade of Olympus, Athena came in front of Zeus to save his father, and the Blade pierced inside her body.





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Kratos once again used The Loom Of Fate and made his army of Titans, recreating the war between the Olympians and the Titans. There was a huge blow given to the Olympians as Kratos together with Gaia defeated Poseidon and in turn flood the entire world.
When Gaia and Kratos finally managed to reach the top, they were greeted by eagerly waiting for Zeus. Zeus with the help of thunder knocked down both of them leaving them to die. But Gaia manages to hang on revealing her true intentions and leaving Kratos to die once again.
This time in the underworld Kratos defeats “Hades” and learns how to kill Zeus. Just like when he killed Aries he would once again need to open Pandora’s box. But this time the box is hidden behind the Flames of Olympus which can only be opened by Pandora herself.

Pandoras Love for Kratos!

When Pandora attempts to sacrifice her life, Kratos sees her as if he was seeing his daughter, and attempts to stop her. But despite his best efforts Pandora eventually breaks free and his halted by Zeus. After exchanging heat of words the two of them once again fight till death.
Pandora sacrifices her life and Kratos now could open Pandora’s box. When he opened the box he found nothing! When Zeus and his son were looking at the flooded world they prepared for the final battle. The Titan who had survived earlier once again reached the top and attempts to kill Kratos and Zeus.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow

Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
The two ended up fighting up in Gaia’s chest, where Kratos would impale both Zeus and Gaia’s heart killing them both with Blade of Olympus. With this final blow, Kratos has defeated all the gods and the titans end the great Greek pantheon.

Kratos Revenge Completed!

Athena appears once again but this time in her newly transcended form. She reveals when Kratos opened the Pandoras Box for the first time he unleashed all the fears and the evils of the world on the gods of Olympus. In this process “Hope” was also released which gave Kratos the power to kill the gods!
With the task now complete Kratos was asked by Athena to return home to her for the sake of humanity. But Kratos who had left no trust in any gods impales himself to return hope directly to humanity rather than giving Athena the control.
Athena leaves Kratos to die his final death, but who knew this was just starting off another chapter where he continues his story to the “Norse World” with his son “Atreus” this is why this is the best god of war game.

Best God Of War Game Quotes

Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda

The Best God of War Game: Norse Mythology

After destroying the Greek pantheon, Kratos was living peacefully in Norse world with his son Atreus and wife Faye. The game God of War 4 started off with the death of Faye, Kratos and Atreus are preparing for the funeral of Faye and wanted to fulfill her last wish of immersion of ashes from the highest peak.
Best God of War Game, War God, evolving laundaBefore starting the journey Kratos wanted to test Atreus who in turn failed in the test and was asked to be in the home. As Kratos started of his journey he met a stranger with godly powers who forces him to fight with him but we all know about the fatality of war god Kratos who breaks his neck and kills him.
Now Kratos realizes that leaving Atreus home is not safe so he has to continue his journey with him. The first person they met in their journey was “Brok” the creator of Leviathan Axe and not only this Atreus and Brok become good friends too.

Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them.

Best God of War Game, War God, evolving laundaKratos once again takes a hunting test of Atreus, in which he shoots an arrow to a boar. That bore belonged to “Freya” the Witch of the Woods. Freya knew everything about Kratos and his past, she tries to console Kratos to tell about his past to Atreus but Kratos denies.
When the journey continues Kratos meets another dwarf named Sindri who was the brother of Brok. Sindri and Brok didn’t share good relations but they both made the Leviathan Axe. The next challenge waiting for Kratos was “The Black Breath” which could only be destroyed by Light of Alfheim. With the help of Freya through Bifrost, Kratos passes the Black Breath.

Unexpected Challenges are often lead to Fatal surprises!

Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
At the peak of Midgard, they meet Mimir who tells them the stranger which Kratos had killed was Baldur. In conversation with Mimir, he informs that Kratos was on the wrong peak. The highest peak was not in Midgard, it was in Jotunheim, the realm of the Giants.
Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda

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Mimir was imprisoned in the tree for 109 years, so he tells Kratos to cut his head. Next, he has to take the head to the Witch of the Woods, to reanimate him. The Witch brought Mimir’s head to life but to help Kratos and Atreus. At this point, Kratos came to know the Witch was actually Goddess Freya.

Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
On the quest to open the portal at the Jotunheim, they were anguished by Modi and Magni. In the intense battle, Magni is killed by Kratos and Modi fled. Atreus was injured badly, so Kratos took him and rushed to Freya. To cure Atreus, Freya wanted the heart of the keeper that protects The Bridge of The Damned in Helheim.

Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards.

Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
Kratos could not use his Axe in Norse Hell, so he returned home for his “Blades of Chaos”. Kratos was haunted by Athena in his way, but Kratos was able to kill the keeper of The Bridge. Next, he took the keeper’s heart and return to Freya where she used it to cure Atreus.
Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
At Jotunheim, Kratos and Atreus were once again attacked by Baldur who destroyed the portal in the process. Kratos discovered Baldur was Freya’s son and was angry at her because she took away his ability to feel pain. Mimir remembers there is another entrance to Jotunheim but they must find another eye to remember the entrance.
Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda

The Giant Serpent swallowed it so they asked him to enter his body to retrieve it. After reclaiming the eye they are once again attacked by Baldur, but Kratos had the upper hand in the fight. Kratos also allows him to live but Baldur turns all his anger to his mother. He tried to chock his mother to death but Kratos intervenes and kills him.
Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
Next, Kratos and Atreus continued their journey to Jotunheim, to the highest peak all the nine realms. At the top, they found inscriptions depicting their entire adventure. They have foreseen their journey, and it was revealed that Faye “Atreus mother” was in fact a giant who originally named him as “Loki”.

“The past is never where you think you left it.”

Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda
Father and Son complete their Journey, spread Faye’s ashes from the highest peak. One they return home, Atreus has a vision that years from now, “Thor” would come to their home and confront them for what they have done!
Best God of War Game, War God, evolving launda


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